Special Thanks: To the Creator of all things, My mother for having me (Deidra), My Grandmother "Josie"(For holding down everything and everybody), Uncle Ivan (who raised me to be a man), My Sisters (Tanya & Le Le), Family and Friends. I can't forget the support of the people who makes the "Go Me" a reality and a lifestyle. Special salute to all my Family and Friends in Washington Heights, Harlem, New York City, San Diego, Mobile, Atlanta, New Jersey, Miami, Houston, Los Angles, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Ohio, Philadelphia, D.C,  St. Louis, North/South Carolina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, Australia, Africa, Jamaica, Panama, Japan, Europe, China,   and to all my people all over the world.  Thank you with all of my being.

- Jack Jasper-